Wednesday, October 10, 2007

more 'wisdom'

Well, I wrote my last blog a few days ago, and boy did things change after that. On Sunday afternoon I started getting really excruciating pain up my jaw, to my sinus, and ears. I pretty much thought that it was the worst pain I had ever had in my whole life. Boy was I wrong. Monday I went to the oral surgeon for me checkup, and they said that I was starting to get dry socket. So I guess what happened was that the skin around the socket was healing too fast, so the DR had to rip the skin open again so that he could get to the socket and shove a medicated gauze down inside of it. Now, THAT was for sure the worse pain I have ever felt, because he was straight up cramming the poker tool down inside the socket straight to the nerve. OUCH! Anyway, they scheduled an appointment for me the following day to get the gauze removed and some more packed down in. So I went yesterday and was totally dreading it, and the whole time I was praying that my mouth would be better than before. Praise the Lord the took the gauze out and decided that I was healing perfectly and that they didn't need to repack the gauze!!!!!!! How awesome is that?! I'm tellin you what... when I left that DR office I was so thankful to the Lord for taking care of me that I just started crying tears of joy and thankfulness.

Although I'm still recovering and not out of the infection/dry socket woods yet, I think that the reason that the Lord had me go through an un-smooth wisdom tooth extraction is to teach me this: majority of our prayer should consist of 'LORD help me' and 'LORD thank you', but WAY more thank-yous. I think most of the time we are so eager (especially while in pain) to cry out to the Lord to help us, but once he has done so we just give him a quick 'By the way, thank you Lord'. God already knows that I need, so I think that I should spend the majority of my praying time thanking God instead of telling hims all my needs/wants. Am I making sense? So with that...

Lord, thank you for knowing exactly what I need. Thank you for being my Lord, and soverign God. Thank you for providing me with a roof over my head, food to nourish my body, and a lovign husband who loves me. Thank you for putting me in crappy circumstances and using them as teachable moments for me. I apologize for being so dense that it actually has to come to hard situation in life for you to get my attention. God thank you for working on me.. I know your not done with me yet. Thank you for not giving up on me. I love you Lord. Please help me to love you more.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

wisdom teeth

Friday I got my wisdom teeth out. For all of you who have yet to get them extracted its seriously not that big of a deal. I'm glad its over with, but it wasn't near as bad as I thought it was gonna be.

Dave is THE best husband in the world, and has totally been taking care of me. I feel bad for the girls who don't have an awesome husband like dave... because seriously, he is the best. EVER!