Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday

So I don't know how religious I will be about posting every Thursday.... but I'll try to do at least every other Thursday...maybe. hehe!

More October Gifts...

151. onion tears
152. aroma of onion
153. indoor laundry
154. homemade chilli dogs
155. my husbands, "I'm checking you out" look
156. nap
157. husband napping with an eye mask aka diva mask
158. dishes to clean
159. dave's car getting broken into- has helped me to talk with God more today.
160.  Emmi licking her chops after eating her food.
161. bright flowers
162. smell of eucalyptus
163. clean windows
164. early start to my day
165. not feeling rushed
166. Emmi laying on our bed on her back- like a human
167. poppy and gram
168. pedicure with gram nancy- her very first one!
169. listening to gram nancy tell about her family and childhood
170. great grandpas beautiful headstone that Poppy made
171. making poppy and gram happy with some home cooking
172. lots of spiritual/Bible discussions with poppy and gram
173. lost of laughs with poppy and gram
174. Gram and I having a nice visit with Aunt Twyla
175. Family Night...  a full house!
176. sweet memories made with poppy and gram
177. the feeling of having a full house
178.  the precious thought that the young kids in my family associate fun family memories and our home.. just like I did with the Bluegum Home when I was young.
179. thoughtful canned good gifts
180. new house lights
181. Poppys smell and voice... like a teddy bear.
182. Poppy and dave chatting about theology and Bible
183. Poppys tearful praying before they left for home.
184.  Missing family that is dear to my heart.... makes me realize how dear they are.
185. Gods goodness in creating humans with the capacity to have memories.
186. Coming from a godly heritage
187 . being able to have deep love for my family- however imperfect.

lots of love,

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday

So as you guys know, I've been writing down a list of all of God's gifts to me as I notice them. So I thought I would try to make a weekly post listing all the things I'm thankful for.

September Gifts...

1. long walks with husband
2. fluffy pancakes
3. 72 degree weather
4. Saturdays that are slow and unhurried
5. squuuaakkking bird in the yard
6. sweet emmi girl
7. peppermint
8. red polka dot dress
9. blow dryer
10. enough hair spray to finish the job
11. butterfly at queen bean
12. baby Finn in the clothes basket aka make-shift play pin
13. sunday nap
14. neck massage
15. minty mouthwash
16. thai chai tea
17. sleeping in w/o setting an alarm
18. open window in the morning while doing my devos
19. birds singing
20. sun shining on the tree leaves
21. the muscles burning from running
22. emmi panting happily on a walk.
23. chats with grandma on the phone
24. anticipation
25. short but oh so sweet phone calls from husband
26. vanilla
27. chiptole
28. gardening... when its less than 90 degrees out
29. matt chandler
30. rum + 7up
31. unexpected love
32. sizzling sound of dinner cooking on the stove
33. dave doing dishes
34. late night summer walks
35. moth flying in the moonlight
36. sleep.
37. comfortable bed
38. crazy morning hair
39. big gulps of water
40. the sound of water splashing in the sink while brushing teeth
41. water bubbles in the sink
42. crocheting
43. Jesus... always here and listening.
44. cheesecake
45. not having a full time job
46. humming of the AC
47. Ireland's smile and sweet voice
48.  thrift store finds
49. the feeling that mint brings in my throat and nostrils
50.  the sight of loose leave tea- its so organic and whimsical.
51. emmi at me feet in the kitchen
52. the thought of a friend
53. clean hands
54. water moving down
55. crackling sound of a candle wick
56. the way candle wax drips down the candle ledge
57. the dancing light that a lit candle produces
58. silent prayer at the prayer bench- candles lit and Bible open.
59. goose bumps
60. water reflection in my cup
61. summer dress
62. sandals
63. sparkles from my wedding ring
64. not getting hit by 2 cars as I absent-mindedly ran a red light, that I thought was green.
65. fancy tea party at Kates Tea House with Lauren.
66. lauren- a down to earth friend.
67. satisfaction of a clean home
68. soap bubbles popping out of the hand soap refill... unexpectedly leaving a smile on my face.
69. Gage, humming the Indiana Jones theme song at 7:40 AM
70.  the sound of brook and gage giggling and playing outside.
71. a headache- gone away.
72. texture of shortening
73. rainbow jimmy sprinkles
74. the loud ring of the red kitchen timer
75. the smell of cake fresh from the oven
76. piano lesson cancellations on an already busy day
77. floral fabric
78. the sound of emmis nose working hard to smell
79. the sunlight in the piano room at 1:30 PM
80. a good hair day
81. ribs hurting... makes me depend on and talk to Jesus more.
82. dinner smell in the crockpot
83. community group
84. a cold beer after a long day
85. a new day
86. prayer with Casey
87. husband hanging laundry on the line
88. cream cheese frosting
89. emmis happy look while at the park
90. emmi happily chasing balls
91. drinking tea with my husband
92. yesterdays sunset
93. health... what a gift!
94. memories of having Valley Fever
95. putting away clean laundry
96. having a husband that I can put away clothes for
97. curly hair
98. finn ebersole
99. fluffy clouds
100. the way Alexa says her 'Rs'
101. sleeping on a bed and not the ground
102. having food readily available to eat.
103. crisp fall morning air flowing through our home
104. rice porridge breakfast
105. Lila smiling at me
106. long fall walks
107. spider web
108. note from Pips.
109. Husbands job, that God has used to cultivate strength in my heart.
110. hard reminders to pray for husband
111. mix matched tea spoons in a jar.
112. cat and dog cuddling
113. the fight for joy
114. new necklace
115. shopping with casey
116. pumpkin candle
117. granny square circles
118. early grey
119. tuesday 2 hour nap
120.  finger prints
121. the way air fluffs the duvet while bed-making
122. books that make the heart think
123. pumpkin vine field with millions of pumpkins
124. breezyness
125. anticipation for Fall

October Gifts....

126. tomato soup... homemade
127. phone call from Tammy Miller
128. grocery shopping
129. legs... tired from walking
130. washing machine and dryer
131. again... pumpkin candle
132. first apple of the season
133. brown rice and stock... for a yucky tummy
134. the "snap-click" sound of the camera shutter
135. dried apricots
136. windows open all day
137. a stomach free of hurting
138. emmis breath sounds while she sleeps
139. my heart beat... only beating because He wills it to.
140. thoughts of my husband.
141. a full night of sleep
142. the sound of water pouring from the kettle to my mug
143. yarn rainbow
144. a cappella... specifically The Sing Off
145. fragrant peach rose
146. Ireland's beat boxing
147. first rain of Fall
147. raindrops on roses... and on everything else
148. anticipation of Civil War concert in November
149. a baking day
150. feeling sprinkles of rain drops on my face

Have you started recording God's gifts to you? You should! The WHOLE earth is FULL of His glory! Oh the joy that can be found in being thankful for the gift of His glory in all things!