Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday

So I don't know how religious I will be about posting every Thursday.... but I'll try to do at least every other Thursday...maybe. hehe!

More October Gifts...

151. onion tears
152. aroma of onion
153. indoor laundry
154. homemade chilli dogs
155. my husbands, "I'm checking you out" look
156. nap
157. husband napping with an eye mask aka diva mask
158. dishes to clean
159. dave's car getting broken into- has helped me to talk with God more today.
160.  Emmi licking her chops after eating her food.
161. bright flowers
162. smell of eucalyptus
163. clean windows
164. early start to my day
165. not feeling rushed
166. Emmi laying on our bed on her back- like a human
167. poppy and gram
168. pedicure with gram nancy- her very first one!
169. listening to gram nancy tell about her family and childhood
170. great grandpas beautiful headstone that Poppy made
171. making poppy and gram happy with some home cooking
172. lots of spiritual/Bible discussions with poppy and gram
173. lost of laughs with poppy and gram
174. Gram and I having a nice visit with Aunt Twyla
175. Family Night...  a full house!
176. sweet memories made with poppy and gram
177. the feeling of having a full house
178.  the precious thought that the young kids in my family associate fun family memories and our home.. just like I did with the Bluegum Home when I was young.
179. thoughtful canned good gifts
180. new house lights
181. Poppys smell and voice... like a teddy bear.
182. Poppy and dave chatting about theology and Bible
183. Poppys tearful praying before they left for home.
184.  Missing family that is dear to my heart.... makes me realize how dear they are.
185. Gods goodness in creating humans with the capacity to have memories.
186. Coming from a godly heritage
187 . being able to have deep love for my family- however imperfect.

lots of love,

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