Monday, March 17, 2008


I haven't written in this in months. It seems as though there is never anything to write about. So, I just thought that since there is really nothing new in particular to write about, that I would just write about life. So here it goes...

Dave and I are loving married life. We are busy going to our new church called Redeemer. Just recently we started the high school group and have it every thursday at our apartment. So far, we have 2 girls that come each week, and I think that they actually like coming... they're parents don't make them come. haha! We love Redeemer, and really feel like we're fitting in- we know that we are just where God wants us at.

I'm busy teaching piano. I have about 18 piano students, and so it keeps me pretty busy. We just had a piano recital last month, and it went really great! I was so proud of all of the kids, they really worked so hard on their songs!

Dave is busy with work, and really love the station that he is at. The guys at his station are all really awesome, and Dave is learning alot from them. Sometime this year Dave is hoping to start training to promote to engineer. I just know that He will be so good at it!

We are still looking for a house and the Lord has brought the perfect one to us yet. BUT, we are confident that as we seek God, that He will be faithful in providing for us the perfect house!

Life is awesome, and we are just trying to know, serve, and love God more!