Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Great Grandfather...

Charles William Bowman
Born February 13, 1915
Died August 27, 2010

The only son of George Otto and Mary Olive Bowman grew up on the farm on Bluegum Avenue, with three sisters: Evelyn, Annabelle and Edna. Along with many cousins, Charles attended Ransom School and graduated Modesto High School, where he received high marks for academic achievement.

As a young man, Charles answered God’s call and surrendered in obedience with that true faith by which lost souls are given eternal life in Christ Jesus. On July 27, 1940, Charles took as his bride and helpmeet Ruby Root. To them were born three sons: Edison, Eugene and Charles Vernon, and they raised their family on a dairy farm that was co-owned by Charles and Ruby and Charles’ parents. His children and grandchildren alike were brought up in the fertile climate of the Holy Scriptures that commanded Charles’ life and pointed to them the way of salvation.

During his lifetime, Charles enjoyed sweet fellowship with the family of God in the body of Christ. He often acknowledged that by God’s grace alone had he been planted there, to partake in precious communion with all true believers across the expanse of Creation.

In the life of this man, there was a fond romance with the High Sierra. Dad enjoyed camping trips with family and friends. The grandeur and beauty of the ‘high country’ beckoned to him in a special way as he hiked the crisp mountain trails – always with certain urgency…always anticipating the next breathtaking view. We know that today, Dad sees with perfect vision and rests fulfilled, in the glorious reality of Eternity; and so which of us would keep him here? Better we say with King David, “I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me.” (II Sam 12:23)

Grandpa Charles was the all-time champion baseball trainer for seven eager grandsons. He spent countless Sunday afternoons hitting fly balls to them and refereeing their practices. Certainly he understood boys, but he reserved a very tender and special love for his “only-est” granddaughter.

Charles and Ruby recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. We were blessed as they shared with friends and loved ones a continuing faith in the life giving and keeping power of our God. We believe they remembered words that Uncle Joe spoke years ago: “The family that prays together, stays together.” Praise the Lord!

Final years for Dad were peaceful, with portions of each day spent sitting on the patio and meditating. He would often break into songs of praise; “Oh, How I Love Jesus” was so dear to him. Before his vision was entirely gone, he enjoyed the warmth of the first morning sunlight as he slowly walked – mostly by feel – along the pathway beside their home. As his eyesight and hearing gave way to darkness and silence, Dad was in the constant loving care of his son and daughter-in-‘love’, Charles Vernon and Judy. Ruby, the love of his life, never left his side.

Charles is survived by his wife, Ruby, two sons, eight grandchildren, and 15 great-grandchildren. He is preceded in death by his parents, three sisters, son Eugene, granddaughter Celia, and great-granddaughter Abbigail.

The Bowman family extends our warmest thanks for the kind, loving words and prayers of wonderful friends.

Written By: Edison Bowman


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