Saturday, January 1, 2011

I resolve, 2011

I love the beginning of January. I love how it feels fresh and new. Don't you? Its like every January brings a fresh start to make new goals... its hopeful.

I was looking at my resolution list from last year...

2010 Resolutions
* these are in no particular order

1. exercise at least 3 days a week
2. be more organized about how/when I clean the house
3. eat more whole foods and less canned, processed, and crappy food. Cook meals by scratch. Experiment more with soaking grains.
4. learn more about photography
5. be more aware of the things that distract me from growing a deeper relationship with Christ and remove them from my life.

... and looking at last years list inspired me for this years list. So here it goes...

2011 Resolutions
*not in any order*
1. exercise- any amount is better than what I'm doing now.
2. be more organized about how/when I clean the house.
3. enjoy my hobbies more often;playing music, photography, sewing, cooking, baking.
4. be more intentional about being in community with others and building relationships.
5. Work on really, and genuinely loving people as Christ loves them.
6. Make time to be creative with my music... writing songs on guitar/piano.
7. Pinpoint what stirs up my affections for Christ and do it.
8. Pinpoint what robs me of my affections for Christ and remove it from my life.
9. Fight to kill sin in my life.
10. Fight to have joy in Christ.
11. Love my husband more deeply, by humbly serving him and providing him with a peaceful haven to come home to.

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