Monday, February 28, 2011

devout joyfulness

I've been reading "The Power of Prayer in a Believer's Life" by Charles Spurgeon, compiled by Robert Hall. I highly recommend it! The following quote it from the book, and I just loved it!

We come to a throne to be approached with devout joyfulness. If I find myself favored by divine grace to stand among those favored ones who frequent His courts, shall I not feel glad? I might have been in His prison, but now I am before His throne. I might have been driven from His presence forever, but I am permitted to come even into His royal palace, into His secret chamber of gracious audience. Shall I not then be thankful? Shall not my thankfulness ascend into joy, and shall I not feel that I am made recipient of great favors when I am permitted to pray? Why, then, is your countenance sad when you stand before the throne of grace? If you were before the throne of justice to be condemned for your sins, your hands might well be at your sides. But now that you are favored to come before the King in His silken robes of love, let your face shine with sacred delight. If your sorrows are heavy, tell them to Him, for He can comfort you. If your sins are multiplied, confess them, for He can forgive them. O you courtiers in the halls of such a monarch, be exceedingly glad and mingle praises with your prayers.
-Charles Spurgeon-

Happy Monday my friends!

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