Saturday, July 16, 2011

valley fever update

Hello Friends!

It is summer so my posts on here have been few. I am sorry for that, but California summers are just too beautiful to stay inside and blog. :-)

Anyway I just wanted to give you all a very quick update on my valley fever sickness. I went a few weeks ago and got another blood test to check my valley fever fungus levels as well as 2 tests to check to see how my liver is functioning while on my medication. All 3 tests came back with normal results! Praise the Lord! On the 25th of this month I have an appointment with my lung specialist to find out if I can finally be off of the valley fever medication. Once I stop taking the medication I need to watch out for any symptoms indicating that I could be relapsing. Dr. Patel told me that in about 10% of patients Valley Fever returns, and then they have to go back on medication.

Obviously I do not want to get sick again, but I'm trusting that God will do what seems best to Him... maybe it means healing, and maybe it means more sickness, but I trust Him.

There are still those moments (even as I typed the few sentences above) when I panic a little about the thought of possibly getting sick again, but in those moments He reminds me of the past 10 months and how faithful He has been to me. He reminds me of how I can trust Him and how He is always working for my good and for His glory. Jesus is better than any pleasure, wealth or even health. I just want more of Him in my life, and I want God to accomplish that however He sees fit to do so. The most loving thing that He could ever do is to give me more of Himself... at great cost to Himself and (sometimes), at great cost to me.

Christ be lifted high!

Thank you for your continuing prayers,


Coreyocookie said...

Such great news Jess!

not2brightGRAM said...

I love your heart! I can see God doing a deep work in it. I also hope He continues to bring you physical healing.