Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Update: Adoption Yard Sale

So... remember how the last time I wrote, Dave and I were getting ready for our HUGE adoption yard sale? Well, it went fabulous and I wanted to just take a moment and give ya'll an update!

A few weeks ago we began collecting items to sell at the sale. Dave and I put a few of our own things in, but I would say that 99% of stuff was donated to us. Within a few weeks our entire garage was totally full of stuff. In fact, there was just a little pathway down the center of the garage. We were still accepting donations despite the garage being maxed out, so we started bringing stuff into the house. Our sunroom became full very quickly. Thursday (the day before the sale) we got even more donations and we had to put it in the living room! Our house was overflowing with yard sale items! It was awesome!!!

Heres Pips and I (along with Dave and Josh) making Yard Sale signs.

I forgot to mention that we also had a bake sale at the yard sale. Again, about 99% of the items were donated to us. And in this photo, this is only about half of all the baked goods that were donated. People were just SO generous to us!
This is a photo of the first morning (Friday) of the sale.
This is the money that God provided to help us bring Ruby home... don't worry, we haven't carried it around with us. In fact it got put in the bank immediately! The total from both days was $6100.00!!! We were just blown away at God's provision! How often do people make more than a couple hundred at a yard sale... not too often! Only the Lord could make $6100 happen! 

This whole yard sale experience was such a blessing to us. We were so amazed at how generous people were to us. What was even more amazing to me is how we as Christians are apart of this HUGE family. We were so thankful to be apart of the church family at Redeemer Church, but it wasn't just people from our church that helped us. There were Christians from other churches that heard about our adoption of Ruby and wanted to help us. Some people that donated were friends of friends, and didn't really know us but wanted to help. Im so thankful that God reminded me that when He adopts us into His family, that we aren't just apart of His family that is at the church we attend... we are apart of this bigger family of Christians that is all around the world!
 These are just a few ways that people blessed us during the process..
-they donated garage sale items
-they donated baked goods
-the came over and helped us sort through items as well as price them.
-they donated money
-they came early in the morning and stayed late at the sale
- they stopped by the sale to say hi and encourage us
-they bought stuff at the sale
-they brought gifts for Ruby

These were some of the gifts that people gave us for Ruby. See the quilt at the top of the pic? My Aunt made it for Ruby! It will be so special when I get to wrap Ruby up in the beautiful quilt and tell her that her Great Aunt lovingly and prayerfully made it for her.

Dave and I really just want to say thank you to each of you. Thank you for your love, support and especially your prayers as we continue this wonderful crazy journey of adoption. 
Love to each of you.


meredith hunt said...

Yay!! :)

Jamie McClay said...

This is truly amazing! My heart is so happy :) Praying for Ruby as she waits to come home!