Wednesday, June 12, 2013

BIG news!

Within the next few weeks we will be bringing home our 2yr old son and 3yr old daughter! 

Thanks to all of you for being prayer warriors with us during this journey. We will continue to covet your prayers as we begin to transition our babies into our family. Thanks for all your prayers, love and support. And thank you in advance for loving us as we cocoon with our babies over the next few months. 

Much love,
The Bromleys

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Jamie McClay said...

Praise the LORD!!!!!

He is so faithful, and I am thrilled to hear this wonderful news!!!!!! Congratulations! Please let me know if I can bring you a meal to help with the transition!

Every month I have been faithfully checking your blog and I almost cried when I saw the post I know you have been waiting so long to write :)My heart is full tonight!

~ Jamie McClay