Monday, December 8, 2008

Life in a nutshell...

Well LOTS has happened since the last time I blogged... we got the keys to our house, and spent the first week painting and cleaning it to get ready for move in. Man was it exhausting!! The Saturday after painting we had a move in day, and a ton of friends and family came and helped us. It was such a blessing!!!!!!! So now we are basically all moved in... we still have a few base boards that need to be painted, but I'm hoping that will get done before Christmas (since we are having christmas at our house this year). On Saturday we got our new sofa and ottoman delivered, and it is SO comfortable! We just feel so blessed to be in our first home at Christmastime. The LORD is too good to us, and we are SO thankful. In other news: our dear friends the Ebersoles also just bought their first home. They were such a tremendous help to us while we were moving in, and so we are so glad that we now get a chance to help them. They got their keys last Thursday and are gonna take a few weeks to spruce things up (refinishing the wood floor and painting). It is SUCH a cute place, and I'm so happy for them!!!!!

Our kids (Emmi and Abbey), are doing well. I think since moving into the house that Abby has become a little more mellow. She still has her moments where she will scratch you and purr at the same time. haha! But she has been alot more cuddly. Emmi is growing and growing!!!! I think now she is about full size, and she is so smart. She loves going for walks and going to the dog park. We just love her to pieces!

Dave is well... ever since moving into our house he has just worked so hard on making it look beautiful. He spoils me really. Today dave is at a class (and will be the whole week), for peer fitness training for the fire department. I'm so proud of him.

Well, I think that is pretty much us in a nutshell right now. I'll update more after Christmas.


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