Friday, March 18, 2011

before and after


Be sure to take note of the subtle wall paper on the bed wall :-) It was so much fun to remove the wall paper. hehe! Really, it wasn't too bad... there was layer upon layers of wall paper, so when we started removing it, all if came off in chunks like card board.


All the embroidery hoops AND the fabric in them I got at thrift stores. I think I spent $5.00 total on this project.

The white pic frame was actually a gold framed clock at one time. We got it as a white elephant give at a christmas party this last year. I took out the clock pieces and spray painted it white and then put in a fun picture of us! Oh yes, and I can't forget to mention the art piece... this was done my lovely friend Pips Ebersole. At one time, she had an Etsy shop, but it is closed at the moment. If you are interested in her work, you can follow her on her blog at this address;

These white candle scones came with the frame pictured above. Like I said, they were apart of a white elephant gift that we received and they were both gold. I tell ya, a little spray painting does wonders! Also, got the funky yellow chair at yet another thrift store... think I paid like $3.99. Originally I bought it for when I do senior photos and such but I thought it looked great in our room too! Although, my husband does like how "70's funky" it looks. Oh well :-)

Our pillows are all from different places... bed bath and beyond, ikea, and some I made from Joanne's fabric or thrift store fabric.

These are the curtains I made for our bathroom. I found the fabric for them at a thrift store... its actually a queen sheet set. I paid $2.99 for them- such a bargain! And I still have leftover fabric for other fun projects!
Anyway it sure is fun to look back at what our room started as and see how far its come! What fun it has been to make our home! We feel so blessed!


Troutwoman said...

Of course, I LOVE the accent wall color. Beautiful! And the funky chair? Rad.

meredith hunt said...

I love this! I'm loving all the price-conscious decorating! Amazing how little you spent and how lovely your bedroom looks!