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Sunday May 17, 2009: sweet lil elli mae

Monday May 18, 2009: red sweetened perfection

Thoughts on Going Green...
What does that even mean? When I first heard the term, I immediately thought 'tree hugger'. I think that today there are many people that are using this 'going green' revival as a way to scam people and make money. I will admit that when I first heard talk of 'going green' I thought it was ridiculous... it seemed rather "left wing". But the more I educated myself on the subject I came to realize that its not such a bad idea. God has given us this beautiful planet to live on- each day here on earth nature screams out the awesomeness of The One who created it. I think as Christians we have a greater reason to 'go green'... unlike tree huggers, we don't 'go green' because we want the planet to last longer... we know that someday its gonna burn. We 'go green' because earth is one of God's gifts to us, and we should take care of that is a way in which we can worship and thank Him. This lady says what I'm trying to say much more eloquently

Over the past year or so my husband and I have found some very easy ways to 'go green' that really don't take much effort at all. Here are some of the things we've done;
1. recycle
2. use natural cleaning products or make our own out of vinegar
3. only start the dishwasher when its FULL
4. Use reusable grocery bags. ( you can buy them at most grocers for under $1.00)
5. buy local fruit and veg
6. buy organic when we can
7. turn the thermostat down in the winter and up in the summer
8. eat less beef (mind you, we haven't given it up, we just eat less of it)
Earlier we said that going meatless makes a bigger impact than any other action you can take. Here's an example: If you gave up showering, you'd save less water than what's required to make a single pound of beef. Not beef for a whole year, just one miserable pound. A whole year's worth of showers takes about 5,200 gallons, but it takes 5,214 gallons to produce a single pound of beef.

Anyway, those are some of the easy things we've done. I'm sure there are more but I just can't think of them at the moment. We've been doing this for about a year or so now, and its just become the normal for us. So, go for it! GO GREEN, & use it as a way to honor, worship, and thank God for this beautiful earth!

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