Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rainy Day

Here in California, we had a burst of heat for a few weeks and the temp was up into the 90's. I loved it. It was such a nice change from all the gloomy rainyness. But here we are a few weeks later and we are getting a few drizzles here and there. I'm not complaining. Its funny how when you get used to the weather being a certain way, and once it changes drastically you learn to love that weather. Anyway, I've been enjoying snuggleing up in my PJ'S with a cup of tea, as well as making my way outside when the rain decides to take a break to snap a few photos. I love the beautiful rain drops that God leaves on the leaves and flowers after the rain. I think its such a vivid reminder of God's grace and how it rains down upon us each day. I mean, grace is like the rain in that there is nothing we do to make it rain... we don't sing a special song and then all the sudden it rains. No, we don't even live life in such a way that makes us deserve rain. Yet, despite our depravity, and wretchedness, the rain still falls. Grace like rain falls on us, not because we sing a song, do a dance, or live in a way that makes us deserve falls only because of a merciful God that loves us. Thank you LORD, for sending Your Son to die for us. We are but dirt...we are less than dirt. Thank you for saving us. Amen.

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