Friday, June 19, 2009

my morning ritual

I just woke up about an hour ago, and going thru my morning ritual and thought I'd share it with you just for fun. So... most mornings I wake up, come into the kitchen/family room. I put the kettle on, let the dog outside, and then come to the computer to check up on my favorite blogs. While I'm reading the blogs, Emmi (our dog) lets me know its time to come in and for me to feed her. Sheesh! Dogs can be so demanding!!! Anyway, soon the kettle is done and then comes the best part!!!!! Tea time!!!!!!!! I go and get out my favorite big mug (black & white corelle stoneware- from great grandma), put in a tea bag of some sort of black tea (preferably Early Grey or English Breakfast). Pour in the hot water, then a splash of milk and about a teaspoon and a bit of sugar, and... TA DA! There you have it! My favorite morning drink. Its not fancy. Its not complicated. Its simple. Delicious. Warming. Awakening. What are you waiting for?! Go try it!

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