Thursday, February 4, 2010

February Menu Plan

Hey all :-) I just thought I'd share my menu plan for the first half of Feb. with you. If you haven't started planning your meals or at least your dinners- I highly recommend it! You will save money at the grocer AND you have more of a likely chance that you will eat healthy if you've already planned it out. Anyway, if you see anything on my menu plan that sounds good to you, then leave a comment and I will post the recipe :-)

2/1 Salmon w/ butter sauce, salad, broccoli & green beans
2/2 zucchini parmesan sandwich with raw veggies on the side
2/3 -leftovers-
2/4- leftovers-
2/5 chicken tacos w/ homemade whole wheat tortillas, salad, broccoli, red peppers, avocados
2/6 chicken, rice & gravy, salad, asparagus and broccoli
2/7 Salmon w/ butter sauce, salad, spinach and green beans
2/8 steak, salad, red potatoes/sweet potatoes, green beans and zucchini
2/9 -leftovers-
2/10 -leftovers-
2/11 Asparagus, corn, broccoli with garlic chicken pasta
2/12 stuffed bell peppers and salad
2/14 taco soup and salad


Soph said...

I love this... I remember when I used to plan out all of my meals B.K. (before kids)

a little of this & that said...

hehe! I'm sure having kids does make things a bit more busy. Here is the gal that inspired me to plan... I think you'd enjoy reading (she has kiddos too!).