Thursday, January 14, 2010

dazzling date night

Last night dave and I went on such a fun date! The plan was to go to a fancy dinner at Gallettos, then for some tea, and then come home and watch LOST. Here was the problem, as is always the problem for any girl about to go on a date: I have a full closet but nothing to wear. hehe! Anyway, I was in luck, because my bestie stopped by and picked out three outfits and had me try them on. If it wasn't for her help I'm sure I would've gone crazy! Then she even did my hair- in curls! It was really a fun girly time! hehe! So the date when as planned... dinner was perfection! I had THE most amazing steak I have ever eaten in my ENTIRE life! Seriously, it was like melt-in-your-mouth-tender!!!! Dave had lasagna, and he said it was tasty. After dinner we went to Queen Bean and just sipped tea and hung out there for a bit. Next we came home and watched a couple episodes of LOST season 5 (we're trying to refresh our memories of the show before season 6 starts in February). We had a fabulous night! I am SO thankful for a sweet and thoughtful husband who takes me out on dates... does dishes... does things around the house.... prays for me... is a great spiritual leader and man of God that I respect..... I just feel so blessed :-)

Anyway here is a few pics of dave and I before we went on our date :-)


Pips Ebersole said...

sorry i forgot to send Josh over to help with Daves outfit, looks like he did better without his help :) glad you ahd a special night! how was the chai?

marie said...

Looks like a fun date! Great idea - good food, great show! (and awesome hair...:)