Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Killer Vanilla Ice Cream


3C sugar
1 pint heavy whipping cream
4 tbsp pure vanilla extract
1 quart + 1 pint half and half

Blend all ingredients and put in ice cream maker freezer tin. If there is quite a bit of room to the top, then finish filling it with milk. Remember that the mixture will expand as it freezes, so don't fill it too full. Follow your ice cream makers instructions.
**** I didn't have to add any milk because I have a smaller freezer tin.****

Don't let this recipes simple ingredients fool you. This vanilla ice cream is amazing! You will never want to eat store bought ice cream again! My one mistake I made was that I didn't leave the ice cream in the maker long enough so it was a little slushy. I put the ice cream in the freezer over night and tried it this morning and the texture is PERFECTO!!!!

TRY IT! Let me know what you think! :-)

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