Friday, August 14, 2009

a must see, for sure...

On Tuesday night I went with some girls from Community Group to go see Julie and Julia. LOVED IT! If you enjoy cooking, or even if you just enjoy the idea of cooking you will love this movie. **Warning there are two parts where I can remember being shocked by the swearing/vulgarity. So I was disappointed about that, but if they just took out those two parts, it would be fine.** Just thought I'd put that lil disclaimer in there. hehe!

Anyway, so I've been rather absent from the blog lately. I'm truly sorry. Life gets busy, ya know man? I've been busy rehearsing songs to sing at a wedding in the bay area, taking senior photos/editing them as well. Also tried a new recipe... yet another from the amazingly talented Pioneer Woman. The hubs and I had gone to a restaurant in the bay area called "Strizzies" and they had a wonderful pasta primavera dish, so when we returned home I had my heart set on finding a good recipe for it. Anyway, of course PW would have it on her site, so I tried it and WOWZA! It is a lovely creamy vegetable heaven in your mouth! Here is the link;
OH, and P.S. I used whole wheat noodles instead- because that what I always use when making a pasta dish. Not that it really makes cream sauce any healthier. haha! But I mean, COME ON... sometimes you gotta live a little, and have a cream sauce!

OK, well... thanks for reading my rambled thoughts. I'm hoping in the next few days to post some pics from the senior photo shoot. So keep checking back. Hugs to all!



Deanna said...

Thanks for the review, Jess. Living up here, I'll probably have to wait for DVD. Oh - check out a recipe from Pioneer Woman for eggplant/pasta. We've been fortunate to have eggplant from the garden recently and the dish I found there was yummy.

mrs. b said...

thanks for the info- I'll have to check it out! I've tried to cook egg plant a few times, but really wasn't too fond of it. But I'm willing to try it again and again until I do like it. hehe! I heard if you try something 10 different times then you will learn to like it. Its worked for me with oatmeal and yogurt :-)